mayor msgThe times have changed. The world has become smaller because of the giant leap in technology and communications thus global competitiveness has become a major key to survival. It is essential on our part to reinvent our kind of governance to be effective leaders in the world today. It necessitates the creation of a new paradigm of development strengthened and institutionalized by enabling legislative measures to realize our common goal of poverty reduction and inclusive growth.

The local government under my administration will address the needs and interests of the people. This means engaging the barangays and the civil society. Strong sectoral representation is a must. But for the people to be engaged, it is vital that they have trust in our governance. This means that the local government must be accountable and, above all, honest. One of the biggest killers of trust is corruption. Transparency will be irrevocably highlighted in my administration.

Secondly, we will formulate programs that will maximize the potential of our intrinsic “capital” while providing for their needs and safeguarding them, our “capital” being: PHYSICAL CAPITAL meaning financial, technological, material, resources; ORGANISATIONAL CAPITAL which includes human resources, capacity to manage, core team, membership, structure, leadership, training; INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL, the knowledge or know-how, capacity/capability, and SOCIO-CULTURAL CAPITAL which are feelings/spirit of trust, friendship and willingness to collaborate, community ideals or values. We have adopted a multi-faceted approach to realize growth and developmental targets.
The LGU’s Executive Legislative Agenda was designed so that local policies and programs are hinged on our pragmatic and systemic vision, paving the way for a socially just, ecologically sustainable, politically participatory, economically productive and culturally vibrant Guinobatan.

I have a firm conviction that through the synergy of the executive and legislative branches, we can achieve all of these. We need the active involvement of everyone and the incessant monitoring of our programs and projects to determine if we are accomplishing our desired impact in line with our goals for sustained economic growth. In the end, it is the condition of our constituents and the state of well-being that the future generations will inherit that defines the efficiency and effectiveness of governance.


Municipal Mayor