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General Land Use

Based on records of the Municipal Assessor’s office, the existing general land use of the Municipality of Guinobatan is presented in Table 2.2. Approximately more than two thirds of the entire area comprise of agricultural lands. Most of these agricultural lands are found in the east, west north and south sectors of the Municipality.

Built-up areas consisting of residential, commercial and institutional lands account the 2.63% of the land area of Guinobatan. A large proportion of these areas are located in the central sector of the Municipality. Most of the residential houses are built along the major road networks; miscellaneous land uses comprise 16.82% of the area and include open spaces, forest/watershed waterways, irrigation canals and roads.

area distribution

Agricultural Land Use

The agricultural lands cover 16,351.28 hectares and account for 80.56% of the total area of the Municipality. The area devoted to coconut is estimated at 11,624.72 hectares or about 71.09% of the total agricultural lands and Table 2 shows the Existing Agricultural Land Use. These coconut areas diversified and intercrop[ with banana or seasonally planted with corn, vegetables and root crops; and some portions are utilized for grazing by ruminant animals. Moreover, these areas characteristically with low density and relatively open areas gently sloping to modulating terrain with good texture and moderate soil fertility and generally adjacent or near to existing roads.

The irrigated and non-irrigated rice lands cover 1,448.22 hectares or about 8.86% of the total agricultural lands. Corn covers a total area of 1,767.70 or 10.81% of the total agricultural lands. Banana, another major product of this municipality comprises an area of 846.25 hectares or 5.18% of the agricultural lands. Root crops/vegetables and fruit trees have the sum area of 664.36 hectares or 4.06% of the total agricultural land area.

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