A premiere Local Government Unit and the center of education, health, agriculture, tourism and trade in Bicol…

whose God-centered, environment-friendly, patriotic& empowered citizens enjoy the blessings of a globally – competitive and self-sufficient economy, a well design infrastructure system in a clean and safe environment under a dynamic leadership guided by the principles of good governance.


To proactively manage a local government bureaucracy that is functional, efficient, innovative and highly responsive to the needs of all sectors, transparent and accountable in all its transactions, promotes a culture of service excellence, integrity and competency among its employees and that which recognizes active citizen participation and multi-stakeholder partnership as essential to good governance, democracy and nation-building;

To lead Guinobateños in the goal of uplifting the quality of life by delivering accessible health, education and other basic social services to the poor and vulnerable as well as services promoting balanced ecology, public safety, social justice, cultural heritage and economic prosperity;

To be at the forefront in building safer and disaster–resilient communities by adopting climate–smart, change-adaptive programs and strategies, and by contiuously strengthening both institutional and operational capacities in reducing disaster risks, protection of the local ecosystem and sustainable stewardship of the environment.